How To Save Your Facebook Memories with My Social Book


Hi, my name is Aimee and I’m a social media addict. I legitimately feel that my smart phone is an extension of my body. I also love taking and posting pics on my social media accounts! That might explain why I’m also obsessed with blogging! Sound familiar?

I’ve always loved taking pics and making photo books. I tried the scrapbooking thing years ago only to realize that I couldn’t stand the clutter it created in my office nor did I have the patience to literally cut and paste papers, stickers, etc. When digital photo books became a thing, I was all over that! I LOVE the ease of taking all of your pics online and putting them into one big shiny book! Check out the photo book I made of Chuy’s first year with My Publisher.

How To Save Your Facebook Memories at

It scares me a bit to think about where all of our pics will be 20 years from now. It definitely won’t be like my childhood of actually holding an old picture of your parents or grandparents. As much as I’m addicted to the internet and paperless everything, I truly believe that we have to get those pics OFF the computer and into something tangible. I always say that when all is said and done all we have left are the memories and photos. The older we get the more we need the photos to help relive the memories.

A few months back I had a suggested page on my Facebook feed from My Social Book. I decided to check it out and fell in love with what I saw!

My Social Book allows you to literally turn your Facebook timeline into a hard cover book. I created a book in less than 5 minutes including payment, shipping, etc.

Not only can you do this for your personal Facebook account, you can create books for your Facebook page! It’s a great way to capture memories and photos that you’ve shared of your friends, family, and of course pets!

A Look Inside My Social Book

Let me take you on a photo tour of the book I created with my Facebook page for Irresistible Pets.

Here is the front and back cover. On my personal book, I added a quote to the back cover with a synopsis of the year’s events. 

My Social Book Front and Back Cover

I really like how it shows you your top “likers” on the front couple of pages.

My Social Book Followers

You also can get a collage of your most liked pictures.

My Social Book - Most Liked Pics

The book is organized by month. At the beginning of each month, it shows you the most popular pics and statuses along with some interesting stats. 

My Social Book Month

My Social Book September

Here’s a few examples of how the other pages look within each month.

My Social Book BHG Feature


I did notice that some of the pics print a little darker than they should but honestly that’s my only “complaint.”

Have you tried My Social Book or any other digital photo book service? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts or suggestions!

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