Holiday Gift Ideas for Chihuahua Lovers


To know me is to know how much I love Chihuahuas. They have always been my breed of choice. I also love anything that is Chihuahua themed. If you or someone you know is also a Chihuahua lover, you’ll love these holiday gift ideas. 

Check out these holiday gift ideas for Chihuahua lovers.

Chihuahua Wine Glass

This Chihuahua Wine Glass is perfect for curling up on the couch with your Chihuahua and enjoying a nice glass of wine after a long day.

Holiday Gift Guide for Chihuahua Lovers - Chihuahua Wine Glass

Chihuahua Floor Mat

You can show the world how much you love Chihuahuas with this Chihuahua Floor Mat. You can use this by your front door or by the doggie door where your Chihuahua can wipe their little paws before coming back in the house.

Holiday Gift Guide for Chihuahua Lovers - Chihuahua Door Mat

Best Chihuahua Mom Coffee Mug

This Best Chihuahua Mom Coffee Mug says it all. I don’t know a Chihuahua mom that wouldn’t love this!

Holiday Gift Guide for Chihuahua Lovers - Chihuahua Coffee Cup

Chihuahua Opoly

The Chihuahua Opoly has been on my wish list for awhile now. I think this might be the year that I have to give in and order it! This is so much cooler than regular old Monopoly!

Chihuahua Pendant

Every Chihuahua lover wants the world to know it. A Chihuahua Pendant is the perfect way to do this. I love the heart too!

Holiday Gift Guide for Chihuahua Lovers - Chihuahua Pendant

Chihuahua Socks

This bundle comes with ten different pair of Chihuahua socks. 

Chihuahua Love Pillow

Chihuahuas have so much love to give in their little hearts. This Chihuahua Love Pillow says it all!

Chihuahua Christmas Shirt

Forget your ugly Christmas sweater! You need this Chihuahua Christmas Shirt instead!

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