DIY Dog Birthday Party : Soda’s 10th Birthday!

DIY Dog Birthday Party | Pretty Fluffy

Last weekend we celebrated a very special dog birthday party at our place – Soda turned 10.

Considering she was moving into double digits I decided it was only fair to throw her a most awesome Soda themed 10th Birthday Party.

So after a weekend of cupcakes and balloons, toys, treats and more toys I’m happy to say we waved Soda into her second decade with style.

But because Soda’s a sharing and caring kind of pooch we decided to link some of the DIY projects designed for her big day. Scroll through for more delicious details.

DIY Dog Birthday Party | Pretty Fluffy

Dog birthday Party DIY Cupcake Flags

You’ll need: toothpicks, card stock, double-sided tape or glue, scissors.
Print out your Birthday Cupcake Flags Template on thin card stock.
Using a guillotine or scissors cut out the flags and fold along the printed line.
Place a toothpick along the fold line and using either double-sided tape or glue affix the sides together.
Cut the final triangle out of the end of the flag using the dotted line as a guide.

DIY Dog Birthday Party | Pretty Fluffy

Dog Birthday Party DIY Doggie Gift Bags

You’ll need: Paper gift bags, grosgrain ribbon, hole punch, scissors, card stock.
Print out your Birthday Thankyou Notes on thin card stock.
Fill each gift bag with doggie treats and/or small toys.
Fold over the top of the bag and line up thankyou note on the front.
Hole punch two holes in the top of the note and through the bag.
Weave the ribbon through from the back and tie a bow, attaching the thankyou note securely.

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