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DIY Dog Birthday Party : Soda’s 10th Birthday!

Last weekend we celebrated a very special dog birthday party at our place – Soda turned 10. Considering she was moving into double digits I decided it was only fair to throw her a most awesome Soda themed 10th Birthday Party. So after a weekend of cupcakes and balloons, toys, treats and more toys I’m […]

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How to Stop Peeling Skin From Acne

Conventional wisdom tells us that acne and oily skin go hand-in-hand, but the facts tell us otherwise. In tens of millions of Americans, acne affects the gamut of skin types, including those with dry or combination skin. Whether it’s a symptom of naturally dry skin or of an overly harsh acne-fighting regimen, skin that lacks […]

Irresistible Christmas Cookie Dog Treats Chuy Chihuahua Guarding the Stove

Christmas Cookie Recipe for Dogs

Christmas Cookies aren’t just for Santa! You can’t forget about your dogs this holiday season. Chuy and I baked up some Christmas Cookies for dogs that you can make at home with only a few common ingredients. You will need some mini Christmas Cookie Cutters like these that I picked up from Wilton. Head on […]

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How to Use tgin Curl Bomb Styling Gel

    Have you been dying to try our Curl Bomb Styling Gel but aren’t quite sure how to use it? We’ve got you covered. The Curl Bomb provides soft flexible curls without having to deal with the crunch or nasty left over residue. Here are three easy steps to get effortless curls with our […]

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What Is Petroleum Jelly and Is It Safe? Dr. Rogers Explains.

The crude version of petroleum was discovered in 1859 on oil rigs. It was a thick, dark substance collected on pump joints during the oil-extraction process that had to be scraped away. Initially called “rod wax,” this substance was used by oil workers to protect their hands. In 1870, Vaseline was introduced as a colorless, […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Antioxidants and Your Skin

Most people know that antioxidants are an important part of any skin care routine, but how many of us know exactly what they do and how they work? Well, we’ve done our homework. We recently touched base with our medical director, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ashley Magovern, who sat down and answered all of our questions on […]


How To Save Your Facebook Memories with My Social Book

Hi, my name is Aimee and I’m a social media addict. I legitimately feel that my smart phone is an extension of my body. I also love taking and posting pics on my social media accounts! That might explain why I’m also obsessed with blogging! Sound familiar? I’ve always loved taking pics and making photo […]

The Best Gingerbread Dog Treat Recipe | Pretty Fluffy | The best Gingerbread Dog Treat Recipe of all time. Super easy to make, healthy, dog-safe ingredients and 100% tasty! Grab the FREE recipe here.

The Best Gingerbread Dog Treat Recipe

Stop the press! Yes, I can announce, I’ve found the best gingerbread dog treat recipe of all time. And wouldn’t you know it’s just in time for Christmas in July! Nothing says Happy Holidays like an easy Christmas dog treat recipe! So if you and your pooch are feeling festive here’s how you make your […]


Holiday Gift Ideas for Chihuahua Lovers

To know me is to know how much I love Chihuahuas. They have always been my breed of choice. I also love anything that is Chihuahua themed. If you or someone you know is also a Chihuahua lover, you’ll love these holiday gift ideas.  Check out these holiday gift ideas for Chihuahua lovers. Chihuahua Wine […]

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DIY Rescue Dog Adoption Certificate

Whether you’ve just recently adopted your dog or you’ve been tied at the hip for 12 years, this dog adoption certificate printable is for you! It might look like a piece of paper, but it’s so much more than that. It truly is a lovely keepsake and a thoughtful way to go that extra step […]